Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bleeding Heart by Elizabeth Rawls and Rachel Rawls

Alright everyone! Here's my first book review. I'm not promising anything fancy here. All I can say is that all my reviews are 100% honest and I read purely for entertainment. I'm just a reader, a fan in the stand, and a  cheerleader. Although I've never held pom-poms before... 

The point is, these reviews may not be extensive and majorly in depth but they're Lily-Style! I'm thankful for those who read my work and for those who request that I read theirs. I'm a big indie supporter! With little introduction, here's my review of the first book on my reading list. 

Bleeding Heart, by Elizabeth and Rachel Rawls:

A collection of heartfelt and intriguing poems, short stories and riddles broadening your view on life and dealing in a wide range of topics: faith and hope, the realm of fantasy and imagination, dreams, silliness, and the hardships of life. If you feel like reading something short with a strong message behind it to get you through the day, browse a wide variety of poem titles. If you want funny, the "hump day" poems will make you laugh! If you want to delve into something more, a story that touches your heart and makes you think, there are short stories to peruse. If you want to challenge your mind, the riddles are like a fun puzzle for all ages to enjoy! Everything you need can be found here in this inspiring and thought-provoking collection!

Let me start by saying that I give this book 5/5 stars. I loved it. It was a very endearing and satisfying read. There was nothing about this book that I didn't like. I'm not even sure where to begin, my mind is swarming around like a bunch of buzzing bees!

The book has a lot of personality. It's very outside the box and quirky and just fantastic. What do I mean by outside of the box? For each poem and short story in this book, there is a different font, size, and layout. The poem "A Fairy's Longing" looks much different than the poem "A Dragon's Treasure" and so on. My impression was that each story in this book had its own unique design and that's something I'm very pleased with. 

As for the actual stories inside of the book, they did not disappoint. Both authors, Elizabeth and Rachel, have great story telling talent.They know their way with words and I look forward to future works of Rawls.

Some of my favorite poems were Mirror World, Night Forest of Lights, and the very powerful Mankind's Downfall. It was hard choosing my favorite, though. Asking me to pick my favorite poem is like asking me to pick a favorite My Little Pony character. One doesn't simply just pick a favorite when the book (er, pony?) is so good! I swear, I'm better at analogies than that. 

This book would also make a great gift for anyone who reads/writes poetry. I would definitely recommend it for a Christmas gift.

A solid 5/5 stars for this book!

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With one review down, I'll have more to come in the future! Stay tuned! :D