Thursday, November 6, 2014

Poisoned Battleground: Cover Reveal!

The time has come...

Shinobi 7's official sequel Poisoned Battleground will be released Saturday, December 6th, on ONLY ONE MONTH FROM TODAY! To get you lovely folks pumped for the event, here's the cover reveal to look forward to.

The cover features the only shinobi woman of the Kitsune Clan, Akira Miyamoto! She, along with Sector 7, find themselves locked in another battle and a lot more trouble than they can handle. Here's the summary of the book that can be read on the back cover:

Ready for round two, Sector 7?

Shaaku Den's six unlikely heroes have just survived their first battle and defended Swan Bara from the evil Blackthorn Clan. Although a battle has been won, the war is still upon them, and Black Rose has other tricks up her kimono sleeve. The fate of Shaaku Den must still be fought for, and the Kitsune Clan will give it everything they've got!

Led by the shinobi woman Akira Miyamoto, Sector 7 accompanies their sensei to Viper Country, where they encounter a long surviving shinobi clan known as Tiger Rage. It doesn't take long for the night in the Viper Mountains to turn dangerous, and once again the fight is on for the Kitsune Clan. Friendships will be tested, good intentions will turn bad, and nothing is what it seems. All a part of the trials Sector 7 must face to become true warriors.

Will Sector 7 be able to remain a team, even with fate trying to split them apart? They may have unknowingly stepped into the Tiger's Den...

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