Saturday, November 1, 2014

The First Post!

O-heyo! Alright, so this is my first ever blog post. So begins my adventure of a blogger. Welcome! 

For my first post, I'll talk about the intention and direction of this blog. This is a place where readers can get to know me, my Shinobi 7 Series universe, and other fellow writers. I'm in the indie author community. I publish all my books through CreateSpace and I'm always learning and growing as an author. I've met a lot of great people in my career so far as a writer and I'm excited to meet many more. So please, don't be shy, leave a comment and link me to your blog, I'll follow you back.

Alas, the launch of this post is on November 1st, the start of the NanoWrimo month. I'm participating this year and I'm going to try to meet 50k words. Thing is, the book I'm writing will probably end up being between 100-125k, so I'm using the month of November to put a dent into the story considerably. I participated in NanoWrimo last year and made 50k on the 3rd Shinobi 7 book I was writing at the time. 

For this go around, however, I'll be focusing on a standalone novel that's titled Cold Scales. Unless I change the title, that is. I can be fickle about the most peculiar things. It's one of my goals to be more involved in NanoWrimo this year. Last year was quite pathetic. I made one friend and only logged in to update my word count. That's all. I was about as social as a rock and didn't bother to search the site or get familiar with it. 

But this year will be different! I'm gonna make friends, derp around the site, and hopefully come out in the end with 50k words! With that said, if you would like to be my friend, here's my profile link. At least, I think it's my profile link. That site hates me, I'm tellin' ya. My page! 

Are there any of you participating in NanoWrimo? It's great if you are, I'm always encouraging others to write. The site sends me emails all the time about writing tips.

On this very first blog post, to make it slightly more special than all the others I plan to write, I will list my eBook giveaway! Enter the giveaway below (free to enter) and you could win an eBook of Clash of the Clans, the Shinobi 7 Companion Book. Clash of the Clans is a great book for those of you who have never read anything by me before. It's a short story (around 24,000 words) and it will give you a great example of my writing style, give you a glimpse into the characters of Shinobi 7, and hopefully you'll want to read more! :) 


Please leave a comment, like, share, keep the swag going! Hahaha! I think this will conclude my very first blog post. The Clash of the Clans raffle is going on for one week, so there's plenty of time to share. Also note, if you're an author who's hosting a giveaway (or planning to) please see my "contact me" page and email me if you'd like me to help you promote your book! I'd be happy to do so!