Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Harm Will Come— Shinobi 7 Series Fiction #1

Author's Note: 

Heyo everyone! This is the first exclusive Shinobi 7 fiction for this blog. There will be many more to come. This blog is where readers and fans of the S7 Series can read more in-depth stories and behind-the-scenes fictions that happen in the universe of my books. You'll get to know the characters more and find out certain events that happen in the book series that wasn't told or gone into detail. These fictions are like the missing puzzle pieces, like a cherry on top. 

For this first fiction, I wrote about the two strong leaders of the Kitsune Clan. The grandmaster himself, Master Kitsune, and his right-hand-woman and second-in-command, Akira Miyamoto. Both characters are in Trials of a Warrior, Clash of the Clans, and Poisoned Battleground

Master Kitsune is one of the oldest and most powerful shinobi warriors. It was his call to open the school doors to accept new students, which is how Sector 7 came together. Akira Miyamoto is one of the teachers of the school and a very hardened woman. She did not agree with the decision to allow new students to train, no matter how outnumbered the Kitsune Clan is in the time of war. 

Just like the members of Sector 7, Akira had her start in the shinobi clan as a student, nothing more than a fresh meat member. How did she make her climb from a student to a full-fledged shinobi? How did she first meet the great grandmaster? The answer is uncovered below...

She lay there in a crumpled heap, with her limbs strewn across the dying grass field. An unsteady flow of crimson blood guzzled out of her side, for there was a sharp tanto blade buried inside of her flesh. Her unfocused eyes stared out into a nothing that only those on the brink of death would see. Her lips were slightly parted, with her chest heaving up and down in forced breaths. She had survived the attack on her village, but the life inside of her body was dissipating.
A tall man closed in on her. He moved silently through the long uncut grass. He approached her languidly, as if she were an old friend that he was visiting on a whim. There was no urgency in his actions, that is, until he saw the darkened grass that was stained with her blood.
He stopped in his tracks and looked down at the fallen girl before him. The tanto that was heartlessly left inside of her was no lighthearted matter. He squatted down and examined the intricate design of the deadly instrument. “Bandits,” he uttered in gruff tone of voice.
It was when the man spoke that the girl's jade-colored eyes found his own golden pair. The young girl stared at the man for only moment, but the connection that passed between them seemed three times as long.

A pained shriek tore from her lips when he pulled the steel right out of her side. He did so without warning, and with precision she was too disoriented to comprehend.
The man threw the weapon away. He reached into a hidden compartment of his gi top sleeve and took out a small bottle, uncapped the lid, and poured it on her raw wound. She screamed once more with what strength was left in her body.
"It's alright," he assured. "No harm will come." He put the cap back on the bottle and stood up, never breaking his gaze on her. The sun rays reflected tear stains on her cheeks. Whether she cried from loss or pain, it was a mystery. It was probably both. "It'd go against my conscious to leave you here to die, young lady," he stated, to more himself than her.
With that said, he scooped the girl up so her head was rested against his chest, and he held her like a baby while her arms and legs dangled.
She was delirious, slipping out of her last grip of consciousness. But before her world went completely black, she managed to murmur in the softest whisper, "Thank you."
So concluded the first meeting between the shinobi clan master Kitsune Golden Tail, and his future second-in-command, Akira Miyamoto.

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P.S. I hope you like the drawing I did! Not my best, but I like the red color splash :)