Books by L. Benitez

Book One: Shinobi 7: Trials of a Warrior

Enter the feudal world of Shaaku Den... 

A world that used to be peaceful until the uprising of the evil geisha Black Rose and the ruthless warrior Rengoku. Together the two are the Blackthorn Clan and they have turned Shaaku Den into their battlefield, conquering and killing the innocent for their own gain. Blackthorn has instigated destruction and the only ones left to fight back is the surviving Kitsune Clan. 

Follow the adventures of six young individuals who are now soldiers in the legendary Kitsune Clan. Do they have what it takes to be a warrior and fight against Blackthorn? Can they save their world from Black Rose's evil thorns? This is a time of war in Shaaku Den— seen through the eyes of six unlikely youths. Will they overcome the trials of warfare?

I read lots of books and this is a story that beats all other of its topic. I really like the different viewpoints of the story and author's ability to make six extremely different personalities. I have high hopes for this author in the future and can't wait to finish reading this story. ~Laura Williams, Amazon reviewer

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Book Two: Poisoned Battleground

Ready for round two, Sector 7? Shaaku Den's six unlikely heroes have just survived their first battle and defended Swan Bara from the evil Blackthorn Clan. Although a battle has been won, the war is still upon them, and Black Rose has other tricks up her kimono sleeve. The fate of Shaaku Den must still be fought for, and the Kitsune Clan will give it everything they've got! 

Led by the shinobi woman Akira Miyamoto, Sector 7 accompanies their sensei to Viper Country, where they encounter a long surviving shinobi clan known as Tiger Rage. It doesn't take long for the night in the Viper Mountains to turn dangerous, and once again the fight is on for the Kitsune Clan. Friendships will be tested, good intentions will turn bad, and nothing is what it seems. All a part of the trials Sector 7 must face to become true warriors. 

Will Sector 7 be able to remain a team, even with fate trying to split them apart? They may have unknowingly stepped into the Tiger's Den...

Fans of the first book in the Shinobi 7 series will be excited to read this follow up. Benitez is a master at creating characters with unique and distinct voices, and while the switches in POV can sometimes feel jolting, the different perspectives do leave the reader with an eventful and entertaining martial arts story. ~DC Book Reviews

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Clash of the Clans: Companion Book #1

Get ready to fight, Sector 7! 

It's Battle Month for the thirteen shinobi clans spread across Shaaku Den. A tournament where students represent their skill must prove themselves and their skills in the Ninjutsu Art. The Kitsune Clan enters into the tournament, lead by the second-in-command Akira Miyamoto, who grudgingly brings along Sector 7. Not only is Sector 7 one person short of a complete team, but five out of the six members are new students and ranked as fresh meat. 

Can the members of Sector 7 survive the tournament? Or will the nerves of competition and other shortcomings keep them from victory?

This was my first time reading L. Benitez, but i was not dissapointed. This is a fun, exciting read that is utterly thrilling. Even if it is not your genre, the author's knowledge of martial arts will make it well worth your time. ~darkinferno, Amazon reviewer

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