Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shinobi 7 Character Insight: Hanran Nigaru

Heyo, readers! I hope you're all doing fantastic. The first month of the new year is almost at its end and hopefully you have gotten one step closer to your resolution. Or you can be like me, who was like "My resolution is to do nothing" and then you went off and did nothing, thus completing your resolution. 


Actually my resolution was to be a better me. A better daughter, sister, student, author, and ninja. So there are some feels for ya. Revel in them feels. 

I'm pleased to present my first character insight in the Shinobi 7 Series. Fans of the S7 Series, get ready, because I'm starting off with one of my most popular characters. The silent, skilled, and apathetic Hanran Nigaru! 

The feedback on Hanran's character is really amazing to hear. Thank you to every fan who has gone out of their way to tell me your favorite characters and give me feedback, it's truly appreciated.

In the initial conception of Hanran, I wanted to create a character that emulated the stereotype ninja. A character that was quiet, observant, and very deadly with a weapon. Hanran is the ninja with the mental focus and heightened senses, even if he's still considered a student and not yet acknowledged as a full shinobi. Although, Hanran is the type of guy who wouldn't care if he were recognized as a full shinobi or a fresh meat student. So long as he is stronger than his enemies, he is content. He is a character that is not easily distracted with details. He always focuses on the bottom line.

Hanran (反乱) means "rebellion", "revolt". Nigaru means (苦る) "to feel bitter", "to scowl".

As skilled as he is, it was also important for me to emphasize the void that he has emotionally. Why is he so guarded? Why does he always feel like he must have his weapon on him? What is the true reason he trains as hard as he does?

Most importantly, who is he training to fight? 

I've never really felt safe, I've never really felt at ease. I know that we're in a time of war, and I've immersed myself as a soldier in battle. There is no safety, there is no peace. There's just war.
~Hanran's POV, Shinobi 7: Trials of a Warrior (book #1) 

One important note about him is that he absolutely-positively-undeniably-without-question wants to be alone. Which is great, yeah, except for the fact that Hanran Nigaru is on Sector 7 with five other teammates, three of them being younger children, the team leader a complete ego-maniac, and a girl who's bound and determined to talk to him, no matter how awkward she is. The disgruntled lone wolf now has a pack. Whether he likes it or not, he must learn how to work with his new teammates. 

“H-hi I’m Teruko Cassie."
“I never asked for an introduction."

~Cassie and Hanran, their first meeting 

The reader will get to know more of Hanran's character as the Shinobi 7 Series goes on. They'll understand his struggles and motivations. His character will grow with his teammates as he learns that he is a vital part of the Sector 7 team. They rely on him as much as he relies on them. 

And yes, Hanran will have to learn how to deal with his teammate, Luna. 

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