Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Review: Looking Over Your Shoulder by P.D. Workman

Hello there! I'm happy to have another book review ready for you readers. This is review is Looking Over Your Shoulder, the suspense novel by P.D. Workman.

Book Synopsis:

Just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean someone isn't out to get you.

Things were going well for Abe. Despite all of his past struggles with mental illness, he was happily married, had three wonderful children, a nice home, and a fantastic consulting business that satisfied his creativity and brought in a good income.

But you can never get too comfortable. When Abe becomes a prime suspect in a jewel heist - one of the largest successful jewel heists in history - his schizophrenia becomes unmanageable and everything begins to spiral out of control. Abe's own investigation into the heist has the jewel thieves hot on his tail... but are they really, or is he just losing the battle against his inner demons?

My Review:

I enjoyed this book very much. It was a short read for me, only 215 pages from the PDF file's length, but the book had a great pace to it. Everything flowed smoothly. The best thing about this book was the family kinetic between Abe, his wife Ursula, their daughter Jeanu, and the other two children. Clearly there's a crisis going on in the family, Abe is being accused of being a part of a jewel heist! 

One unique thing I found about this book was that the whole family was involved in this struggle. Now, I have not read many suspense novels, I'm sure there are others out there where the whole family is has to fight. But that doesn't change that Workman did a great job with the family relationships and how it wove into the suspense. 

Another great thing about this book was the main character, Abe. He was a likeable star, at least in my opinion. He has playful banters with his children, and the schizophrenia part of his character was done very well. I would say that is the strongest suit of Workman's book: Abe's schizophrenia. There was no part of the book where it felt ridiculous or unbelievable. Kudos to the author!

All in all, this novel is a fun read and I enjoyed it very much. 

For more information on P.D. Workman and her novels, here's some awesome links for you to follow. Also, she recently won a book award for her novel, "Ruby, Between the Cracks" that is being featured in Wattpad. I'll link you there, too.  

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Thank you for reading :) And thank you to the author, who gave me a free copy of the book in exchange for a review!

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