Saturday, February 28, 2015

Buried— Shinobi 7 Series Fiction #2

Author's Note: 

Heyo everyone! Here's another exclusive Shinobi 7 fiction.This blog is where readers and fans of the S7 Series can read more in-depth stories and behind-the-scenes fictions that happen in the universe of my books. You'll get to know the characters more and find out certain events that happen in the book series that wasn't told or gone into detail. These fictions are like the missing puzzle pieces, like a cherry on top. 

This prompt once again returns to the characters Master Kitsune and Akira Miyamoto. There is a strong bond that these characters share, both good and bad. The books introduce the kinetic between them, and this prompt will give a little more thought to them. 

As the readers have discovered in the series, Master Kitsune disappeared from the world for twenty-three long years, all without a trace. This was after the vicious battle with Blackthorn. Everything was chaotic. When Master Kitsune disappeared, the weight of running the clan fell on Akira's shoulders. 

How did it feel for Akira to suddenly take charge after her master went missing? Especially after suffering the loss of many other students from Blackthorn's attack. What toll did this responsibility take on Akira, even though Master Kitsune returned to her?

The fiction below explores this. Please enjoy.

She wanted nothing more than to be with him.

For twenty-three long years, Master Kitsune was out of her world and disappeared without a trace. Akira couldn't show how much she was affected by his absence to Shinichi and Zuko. They were her teammates, yes, and they too felt the same pang of loss. But Master Kitsune's disappearance brought on more than just sadness.

It brought deeply embedded abandonment.

Like a father leaving his child, Akira felt like Master Kitsune abandoned her to fend for herself. She needed him. Didn't he know that? She needed his presence, his approval, and his watchful eye. She needed him. Most of all, she needed him to tell her right from wrong, because there were times when Akira felt those lines blur.

She buried these harsh feelings inside of herself. This was done for two reasons.

One, because she didn't want to be associated with the little girl she used to be. She was not the fourteen year old child who joined the Kitsune Clan completely untrained. The little girl who used to be afraid and cry when things didn't go her way. That image was long tarnished, as far as Akira was concerned.

Two, because telling Master Kitsune that he abandoned her wouldn't help anything. The damage had already been done, he left and now he has returned.

Akira felt like she needed answers from him. She felt like he owed her answers, actually, as if she had some sort of entitlement to know where he had been and why. Master Kitsune owed her some sort of answer, didn't he?

No. The answer was no.

Because Master Kitsune was not her father. She was not his daughter. They shared no blood between them. Her role never changed from when he left or when he returned— she was his student. Akira may have been given the position of second-in-command of the Kitsune Clan, but she would always be Master Kitsune's student.
As his student, it was not her place to ask where he had been, what he had been doing, anything at all. Her job was to follow his orders and give orders of her own. That was that.
So, Akira sunk down against her red-colored couch inside of the privacy of her home. She willed her heart to slow its beating, but it would not listen. In her moments alone, Akira was able to be weak. She could wonder about the “what ifs.” She could complain, whine, scream, shout... anything.
But at some point she would have to get off her couch, tighten her hair's bun, and get back out there. Master Kitsune, her teammates, and her students were waiting for her. It wasn't the weak woman they were waiting on, either. It was the strong soldier who was always in control of herself.
With that said, Akira made quick work of burying her feelings even deeper. 


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